Get back to the business of living…..

Get back to the business of living…...


Wicked Wednesday’s wonderful words!!

Ugly days are part of a beautiful life

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Learning not to allow your past to define who you are. Learning what to let go of….

I tell her every day, look up, look around ,it is everywhere. Beauty is seen in a Weeping willow tree, you just have to touch it , see it, admire it, The small one tells me each time we pass by one, how beautiful the sad tree looks. I tell her its not sad, it just bends to take a drink of water. (But indeed it is beautiful even if is sad.)

You can find beauty in sometimes the most unlikely of places. Quite often it is not the clothes ones wears, or their car, or even their house. Beauty is something that comes from within. Someone once said to me many moons ago that , New and beautiful things can grow in your life…. but …  only when you can…

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